Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Welcome to American Lit: August 19, 2016

Focus: Who are the members of this class?

1. Warming up with the blank seating chart challenge: How well do you know the members of this class?

2. Taking a speedy personality "test" and sharing one of your responses in a whip around

3. Meeting the course expectations and syllabus

4. Trying out a new kind of learning

The problem: You're listening to a Puritan sermon. You don't know anything about Puritans. You don't even understand their language. They're not even alive anymore. How can you use their lingo to unlock their lives?

Round 1: Find your match (if you have a word, partner up with the person who has its definition).

Round 2: Join up with 2 other partnerships to form a groups of 6. Make sure no 2 words are the same in any group. Share your words and definitions.

Round 3: Discuss the following question and have one person in your group share your thoughts with the class:

If these are the words that Puritans heard regularly at church, what do these words suggest about the Puritans? In other words, what do these words have in common? What do they suggest about the Puritans' relationship with their God?

Round 4 (whole class discussion): How does this approach to vocabulary differ from traditional approaches to vocabulary? What skills did you need to do this activity?

5. Following up by giving you access to a little more Puritan lingo: "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"

1. Please ask your parents/guardians to read and sign the course syllabus by Monday, August 22.

2. If you have not yet done so, please complete the survey I e-mailed to you (you can also access it by clicking HERE). Urge your parents to complete theirs, too. They're technically not due until next Friday, Aug 26, but the sooner you fill yours out, the sooner I can be a better teacher to you.

3. Make sure you bring your LAPTOP to class every single day, starting Monday.