Monday, May 1, 2017

Blackfish, Day 1: May 1, 2017

Focus: What do we need to understand about how we treat living things?

Please pick up your documentary tracking sheet on your way in.

1. Warming up with three good things

2. Checking your current understanding with high velocity previewing questions for Blackfish and a warning of sensitivity triggers

If you'd like to opt out of Blackfish, you can develop the same skills and gain knowledge on the same topic by reading the following articles for ethos, pathos, and logos:

National Geographic: Are Wildlife Sanctuaries Good for Animals?
The Conversation: In Defense of Zoos
NPR: Sea World Ending Captive Breeding of Killer Whales
Washington Post: SeaWorld's Whales Deserve Better
CNN: Sea World Responds to Blackfish

3. Switch-a-rooing your rhetorical appeals and watching Blackfish
  • 1st two rows: Logos
  • Middle two rows: Pathos
  • 3rd two rows: Ethos
1. Book club reading and syllabus for TOMORROW.

2. Start preparing your new one-minute speech for this Friday; you will be emphasizing your NEW rhetorical appeal. You may use the same speech topic or switch it. Click here for the list.

3. IF you did not give a one-minute speech on Friday, prepare to deliver yours TOMORROW.

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