Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Blackfish, Day 2: May 3, 2017

Focus: What does Blackfish want us to understand better or differently, and how does it use rhetoric to persuade us?

PLC: Shortened Class

1. Warming up with the big questions:
  • Whom does Blackfish want us to blame for Dawn's death?
  • How does the film use logos, pathos, and ethos to persuade us?
2. Viewing the end of Pathos

Note to self: Start around minute 45:40, then skip from 57:30 to 1:06 (the Loro Parque scene)

1. Assigned book club reading and syllabus for tomorrow. 

*BIG SWITCH-A-ROO FOR NEXT WEEK: We will have a book club meeting on Monday, May 8, and then two documentary days in a row on Tuesday and Wednesday.*

2. Bring your documentary tracking sheet to class on Friday; write me a note if you'd like me to regrade your Waiting for Superman section.

3. Prepare your new one-minute speech with your new rhetorical appeal this Friday. Click here for the topics. There will be a twist...stay tuned.

For students with school-issued Chromebooks:

  1. You will only need your Chromebook for this class if you need it to prepare your speech. You will otherwise not need it on the last day of class nor during finals.
  2. Please turn in your Chromebook as early as possible based on your needs for other finals.
  3. If your Chromebook is damaged or lost, come see us before finals week.
  4. You now turn in your Chromebook to the library, not to your English teacher.

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