Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Book Clubbing, Day 2: May 2, 2017

Focus: What do your authors want you to understand better or differently, and how do they achieve this?

1. Warming up by wrapping up two loose ends from last Friday
  • 4th hour: Finish delivering one-minute speeches; everyone needs to submit their reflective rubric TODAY. If you'd like your grade recorded, please circle it.
  • 6th hour: Discuss, analyze, and evaluate Waiting for Superman; turn in green tracking notes
2. Enjoying your investigative journalism book groups, round two!
  • A challenge: Are you finding any connections between your book and the documentaries and we're watching (not just in content, but in rhetorical appeals)?
3. Wrapping up with success tickets

1. Assigned book club reading and syllabus for Thursday.

2. If you have been absent during documentary time, you need to either find a time to watch the movie on your own, or read 3-5 articles about the topic covered in the documentary and fill out your tracking sheet by identifying ethos, pathos, or logos in those articles.

3. Prepare your new one-minute speech with your new rhetorical appeal this Friday. Click here for the topics. There will be a twist...stay tuned.

For students with school-issued Chromebooks:
  1. You will only need your Chromebook for this class if you need it to prepare your speech. You will otherwise not need it on the last day of class nor during finals.
  2. Please turn in your Chromebook as early as possible based on your needs for other finals.
  3. If your Chromebook is damaged or lost, come see us before finals week
  4. You now turn in your Chromebook to the library, not to your English teacher.

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