Friday, May 19, 2017

Stand Up and Speak (Finals, Day 1): May 19, 2017

Focus: What do we want each other to understand better or differently?

1. Warming up with your American Lit stats and a ten-minute course evaluation

2. Speaking and Listening: Enjoying our first presenters and panel discussions
  • Remember that your goal is to participate at least twice as an audience member.
3. Wrapping up with a sneak peak of a possible 3rd documentary for next year: Life, Animated

1. If you did not present today, prepare to present on the day of your final. If you are signed up for the finals period, you must go then. IF A GROUP MEMBER IS ABSENT, YOU MUST PRESENT WITHOUT HIM/HER. Do everything in your power to be here for your group.
  • 4th hour final: Wednesday, 7:21 am
  • 6th hour final: Friday, 8:46 am
2. Turn in your Chromebooks to the library as soon as possible. You will not need yours for this final.

Note: If you still have a Color of Water or Great Gatsby book, you need to turn it in to the bookkeeper. If you can't find your book, you will need to pay the fine. You will not be able to register for next year's classes until all books/fines are taken care of.

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