Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Final American Lit Book Club: May 16, 2017

Focus: What does your author want you to understand better or differently, and how does the book's resolution contribute to this?

1. Warming up with individual book reviews (click HERE for ideas about star-ratings)

Click on your book club's document below, find your first name and last initial, and follow the directions. Please note that you are doing this individually (not as a group) because you may have differing opinions on your book. I am grading these since they take effort for you to do (20 points per review).

Next year, I will link your reviews directly to the book list; this way, students can make informed decisions about which book they're choosing.

2. Enjoying your final day of book clubs; I will be checking on your syllabi as you discuss from home.

3. Exiting with your final success tickets; they are on the table by the door--please grab one for your group and use it to respond to the following:

  • What have been the three aspects of book clubs you've enjoyed the most? 
  • What three pieces of advice would you give to next year's nonfiction book clubs?

1. Your Works Cited page is due at the end of class tomorrow (three sources minimum, one of which must be your book club book).

2. Speeches will begin this Friday; all groups signed up must be ready to go. No extensions will be granted; if a member is absent, prepare to go without him/her.


Note: If you still have a Color of Water or Great Gatsby book, you need to turn it in to the bookkeeper. If you can't find your book, you will need to pay the fine. You will not be able to register for next year's classes until all books/fines are taken care of.

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